The rising costs of travel have impacted families’ vacations, even causing some families to stay home. There is an alternative which enables families to take a much needed vacation, without spending all of their savings.

Traveling in a small camper, or an RV, eliminates the need to book a hotel room and is very cost effective compared to flying and other forms of transportation. Choosing a small RV rental also allows travellers to enjoy the scenery as they drive and has many other advantages as well.


  • Cost effective form of travel
  • No hotel bills
  • Lower food costs
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Scenic views

In addition to eliminating hotel bills and costing less than other methods of travel, the small RV saves money on fuel compared to larger campers. Cooking your own meals is also less expensive than eating in restaurants, saving the traveller even more money.

Because the mini RV is not much larger than a pick up truck or large SUV, driving one is much easier than driving a large RV. The smaller vehicle performs better in high winds and allows better visibility. Backing up and turning are also easier. Like a car, the small RV can be parked in a normal parking space, so the occupants can stop when needed to purchase supplies or find a restroom.


The mini RV is usually available with a variety of options. Most of them have some common standard features, such as the ones listed below.

  • Bed(s)
  • Table
  • Benches or seats
  • Fridge
  • Gas stove
  • Sink
  • CD player and radio
  • Air conditioning

These smaller RV’s typically sleep from two to four people in one or two double beds. Depending on the company and the location, other supplies, such as kitchenware, linens, and towels might be included or might be offered for rent at an additional charge.

Other optional features that are sometimes available include GPS, external showers, sleeping bags, and more.

Rental Options

Travelers also have a variety of options when booking the mini RV rental. Again, depending on the company and the location, some services will allow customers to pick up or drop off the RV before and after normal business hours. In these instances, there is typically a lock box for picking up and returning the keys, and paperwork is signed and returned through the mail. There is usually a charge for delivery, so be certain to read the rental terms closely before booking.

Some companies have a minimum or maximum length of hire, and this can vary based on the time of year and customer demand. There are also different packages and different rates from company to company. Some services rent their vehicles by the length of hire. Others charge by mileage. Some use a combination of both. On average, you can expect your small RV to cost between 70 and 150 dollars per night, and most companies require a deposit or payment in full at the time of booking.

There are some rental companies that offer perks, such as free or discounted tickets to an event or activity, discounts at select campgrounds, or discounts on certain vehicle rentals at certain times of the year.

Points to Consider

Spend some time researching restrictions and regulations in the place that you will be traveling, such as areas that are off limits.

Make sure that you know the minimum driving age required by the rental company, as well as the requirements regarding a driver’s permit and insurance.

If you do your homework, traveling in a mini RV can contribute to an enjoyable and cost-effective vacation.

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